The Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To have your website search engine optimized, is to have your website show up when a potential customer types in a specific “Keyword”.  Taking this further, you would ideally want your website to show up or “rank” for several relevant key words, and you would want your website to show up closer to the top of the search results than the bottom.

For example, if you were running a Dog Grooming Parlor in Edmonton, you would most likely want your website to appear at the top of the search results after someone searches, “Dog Grooming Edmonton” into their Google Search Bar.  But you might also want to appear at the top for the keyword “Nail Clipping for Dogs”.

Here are 5 Things to consider when looking to have your website search engine optimized.



These are the words or combinations of words you would like your website to appear for after being searched by a potential customer.  “Dog grooming parlor.”



This is the address of your website. Ex.

If you can put one of the main keywords you want to optimize for into the URL itself, it could help rank higher.



This is the description that appears underneath your websites title in search engine results.  Typically the idea here is to concisely summarize your business and use as many keywords as possible while still sounding natural and fluid.


The Longer your URL has been registered, the more credibility it has to a search engine


In-Bound Links

This is an on going process and very important to SEO.  It is very beneficial to have other websites post “links” to your website.  The more credible the website linking to your site, the greater affect the link will have on your search engine rankings.

Remember, the foundation for everything is the Keywords. Your website cannot be optimized to rank highly for every word in the dictionary. 

You must first figure out what people looking for your product or service are typing in on search engines such as Google.

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