5 Benefits A Website Provides Small Businesses

A statistic was shared on SmallBizTrends at some point in time that suggested that 47% of small business owners are still not using the internet to promote their business; they just do not think it important enough. And their reason is simple: they are doing well. Or so they think. What they have never contemplated is how they can be doing phenomenally well if they had a website. And no, having a website does not mean having an electronic version of their company’s brochure; it actually means a legitimate, well thought-out website that is designed to inform, engage and convert their target audience.  The following are five benefits for having a website:

1) Your small business will gain visibility.

More and more studies are telling us about the ROBO effect where customers research online before buying offline. They consult the internet, more specifically, search engines for their needs and queries and then do further research on the companies that appear online before making a selection. If you do not have a web presence, you do not appear in their search and hence, lose out. They do not even get to know about you let alone think if they should buy from you. Let’s face it, in 2014 where we live in a world of technology, you cannot afford to be invisible.

2) Your small business will gain credibility.

If you are on the internet, you are probably a genuine company. More so, if you have a website that is not “home-made” but professionally designed, you are a professional company.

That is how the modern consumers of today think.

And reflect on this for a second; where is the first place you go when you need information?

The internet.

And what do you think if you come across a poorly designed website? That the people behind it are not serious about their work.

If you want to inspire confidence in your products and services, have a well-designed professional website represent your company.

3) You will have another sales tool.

A website is a powerful sales tool and a platform where you can interact directly with your customers. You can give them information which will help them come to a decision in your favor and instead of relying on word of mouth and other means, you can take charge and have a customized space to build your brand and give your customers important buying information and incentives.

4) You are always accessible.

Even when your store or outlet is closed, your regular and potential customers still have the option to visit your website and review your products and services, ask a question about a product or service or leave their feedback about their experience. This 24/7 accessibility is a great convenience in today’s busy lifestyle.

5) You build an email list.

Email is becoming more useful every year. In fact, email and text message are the two most important modes through which people stay in touch these days.  It is a great idea to have a website that:

a) customers can trust


b) provides an incentive for customers to sign up. And once they sign up and your email list starts growing, you have not only created another sales tool but also a faster and easier way to stay in touch with your loyal customers.



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